“The good west wind behind me is leading me...”


The new Nostrale B&B created in the spring of 2022, lies in Palermo in the old Tribunali district, better known as Kalsa.

We are in Via Pisa, 6, on the first floor of Palazzo Prestana, just a few steps from the Central Station and overlooking Via Roma: the Strada Nuova of the ‘900.



Where we are

You will stay on a street that is associated with radical change, according to some, an architecturally controversial one, of the urban fabric of Palermo. In fact, at the time when the railway became central to the transport of goods and people, Palermo, like many other national and European cities, needed to create an important modern shopping thoroughfare. So the fledgling Via Roma also became, in its various expressions, an interesting example of 20th century architecture: from Art Deco to the Futurist architecture of Palazzo delle Poste to the theatres in Liberty style to the old churches and the Archaeological Museum.
As such, you will reside in the very centre of the city, from which you can start your visit of Palermo; the location gives you easy access to the troves of monumental and artistic beauties concentrated in the centre; at the same time you will also have easy access to transport connections with suburbs, seaside villages and the airport.


Smart TV
Private bathroom
Mini fridge and electric kettle