I think choosing a B&B hides the important desire to spend the vacation in a less tourist way, trying instead to experience the territory you are visiting more from inside, so you can appreciate more deeply the dynamics that characterize it.

In line with this philosophy, we usually get to know our guests upon their arrival at the Nostrale, showing them around the accommodation and telling everything you would like to know about Palermo. These informal conversations are at the heart of our conception of hospitality. We are knowledgeable about what is on offer in the city.

We have a bookshelf with freely available books about the city for you to consult or can connect you with friends such as Danila‘ (*), who offer bespoke tours of the city.

We also know many amazing food places around the city and we can advise you according to your needs. Palermo offers both traditional food as well as more modern cuisine or “sicilianised” versions of international food.

We can also advise on offers on electric bikes and scooters rental (Palermo has one of the largest historical centers in Europe and a bit of speed could be useful); or you could go on a suggestive trip out of town on one of the mountains around Palermo, choosing A horseback ride with Cinzia [link]; or, if you will be guests during the summer, we could reserve a place on the beach in one of our beautiful seaside villages of Mondello or Sferracavallo, perhaps stopping for an aperitif at sunset.

In short, we will do everything to make you feel a bit palermitani for a few days.

(*)If you wish, you can contact Danila when booking to check availability and organize a tour or we could even reserve you electric bikes, or you can ask information about our other leisure activities.

If during your stay there is something in particular you are interested in for which our organizational support could be useful, all you have to do is ask.
We also remind you that we can make reservations for events or suggest you a wide selection of trusted pubs and restaurants.