“The good west wind behind me is leading me...”

This is what Roger I of Sicily told Robert Guiscard at the gates of Palermo about a thousand years ago, when the Arabs opened up to Norman domination in exchange to continue professing their beliefs.

In a land where Latin, Greek, Islamic and Jewish cultures already coexisted, the West Wind the part in the rise of a great kingdom of openness and inclusiveness.

The idea of this house, which we hope will host you, comes from the desire to go beyond the simple concept of offering accommodation and it try to do it already with the name: Nostrale, where ‘nostro’ (ours), concrete expression of a deep feeling of belonging, reveals to the traveller an abstract romantic phono-symbolic effect reminiscent of the west wind, or rather the northwest wind, the Mistral, that has always accompanied, in its eternal movement towards the land, those who come here from the sea.

The wind also comes from other directions and this land tells the effects of its different origins; that’s why the rooms of Nostrale bear the name of the different winds: evocative synthesis of the movement of flows that narrate the varied distant cultures they come from.

You just have to open yourselves to the Sicilian land with passionate curiosity: precious crossroads of the Mediterranean and synthesis of multiethnic thoughts that, from the deep south to the deep north of the world have decided to stay here.
Let yourself be driven by the impetuous Mistral that, damped by Mount Pellegrino, will welcome you on the lush plain adorned with the mountains around and made mild by the Sirocco that the Arabs dressed in citrus trees, giving rise to the famous Conca d’Oro.

We would like to stimulate your journey with these different flows, between the concrete and the abstract, encouraging you to capture the profound messages inspired by Palermo and the entire Sicily from time immemorial.